On-The-Go Flashdrives

Two years ago I began importing OTG flashdrives. I took a chance, and it turned out very well. So far I have sold just over 200 of them, with not one complaint from my customers.

My latest shipment has a new twist – I now have 32GB and 64GB, in addition to the 16GB I have been importing.

OTG flash-drives - many colours

Disclaimer: the image above is to show what they look like. Currently, available colours are red, blue, black, silver, champagne

Things you should know about these awesome, handy drives

  • They have a dual function: as a normal flash drive and as a mini USB to plug into your hand-held Android (and sometimes other) device
  • They mainly work on Android-powered devices, but I sold one to a colleague who has a Proline S210TU which runs Windows (and it works!)
  • Just like you have to “safely remove USB” from your computer, you should unmount it from your phone before physically removing it.


List of devices they are known to work on

  • Huawei G8
  • Proline S210TU
  • Nexus 10″ tablet running Media Importer Software
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S3, S4, S7, Tab 10″
  • Lenovo IdeaTab

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